Digital Transformation

Esskay Digital helps to drive a culture of constant improvement, where delivery teams are empowered to release at speed, providing value to our customers as early as possible. We foster the ability for teams to work with greater autonomy and independence, thereby improving the speed by which changes can be made, and the overall level of team engagement. We provide thought leadership and direction to the different teams across Delivery, Development and Operations, and develop better ways of working where every team member knows how they contribute to success.

  • Improved Delivery: Developing and promoting a set of guidelines to ensure teams have an agreed set of standards by which to release new features. Allowing them the agility of being autonomous whilst maintaining alignment to good practice across all technology areas. Defining a clear set of Roles and Responsibilities to help teams achieve their goals and maintain high standards.
  • Business Alignment: Working closely with key stakeholders across the business to ensure that Technology Transformation was fully aligned with business direction and there was widespread agreement on the course adopted.
  • Development of Communities of Practice: Championing the adoption of CoPs across the different function lines, removing the then ineffective line management style of command and control, to be replaced by a more engaging model of coaching and mentoring.
  • Faster Releases: Changing from a centralised, cumbersome release process to one empowering teams to have a more autonomous delivery method, thereby facilitating their improvements to deliver at speed. This significantly reduced their delivery time by removing unnecessary touch points or bureaucracy with other teams and realised dramatic improvements in the frequency of release.
  • DevOps Culture: Improving the alignment between the development and operations teams, driving a culture of DevOps across Technology. This aligned DevOps resources to their vertical channel and alleviated the need to depend on centralised, shared resourcing from outside the delivery team.
  • Training: Building a training program for technical leaders to help them gain an understanding of effective coaching skills, leading to improved team efficiency and engagement.